WikiLeaks India – Cash for Vote

WikiLeaks Cable disclosure on Cash for Vote couldn’t have come at a more inappropriate time for the UPA Government. Congress’s woes just don’t seem to end with skeletons popping out from one cabinet after another without respite.

The Cash for Vote controversy is nothing new and Indian public has viewed on national television with disbelief 3 BJP MPs displaying bundles of notes in the parliament. The most shocking part is that the parliamentary committee set up after the controversy finally decided to give a clean chit to the main accused namely Amar Singh and Ahmed Patel without even bothering to question them. BJP and Left representatives in this committee only recorded a dissent note in the final report of the committee and didn’t bother to take their protest any further.

Why now, the BJP and the Left are demanding Prime Minister’s resignation based on WikiLeaks disclosure? It is just an internal communication between American diplomats and not necessarily the Gospel truth. Why did they wait for all these years to protest against something that they already had full knowledge of? The simple answer is that they are opposition parties who would not lose any opportunity to score brownie points over the ruling party. The parliament disruption for a full session over the demand of JPC was done with the same motive.

The real question thrown up by WikiLeaks disclosure is – why Nachiketa Kapur (allegedly Cap. Satish Sharma’s aide) took the trouble of showing boxed full of money to the American diplomat. What was the role of the American Embassy in this murky deal? This raises serious doubt whether the money had actually been provided by the American Embassy to ensure smooth passage of the Nuclear Deal on which President Bush had put so much on stake

However, the Congress Party’s defense by none other than Rajeev Shukla is equally pathetic and childish. He says, “The whole world has rejected the WikiLeaks reports. Because if a diplomat is writing to his own sovereign government I do not think any government can take responsibility for it.” Can anyone believe that this person was himself a journalist not too long ago.

Congress has virtually run out of defenses and is just trying to put up a brave front. The biggest weakness of our democracy is that in spite of innumerable and monumental scandals the government is still in office. In any other civilized country, the government would have resigned long back out of shear embarrassment. But the thick skin of our political clan would give even a rhino run for money. Money? Seriously, no pun intended!!!!

The whole country knows that the otherwise docile Mr. Clean (MMS, who else) had shown his teeth only on one issue – The Nuclear Bill. The Cash for Money scam is related to the same issue. At that time MMS had bravely claimed that he wouldn’t mind even if the government falls on the Nuclear Deal issue. The deal went through and the government survived too – with cash for vote. Can Manmohan Singh still claim to be Mr. Clean? Can he still claim he was not aware? If he does, he doesn’t deserve to be the head of the government on the ground of incompetency.

While Congress may still survive these jolts and may even be voted back to power on TINA (There Is No Alternative) factor, Manmohan Singh’s days seem to be numbered. We just need to wait and see when Sonia would replace him with the Prince of Congress? Indian public is very forgiving, they will forget everything if Rahul Gandhi replaces MMS. The best timing for dethroning Mr No Longer Clean would be just before the General elections in 2013.

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