Yet Another Blow to UPA 2 – SC Strikes Down CVC Appointment

 Today Supreme Court of India has given a landmark judgement by striking down P J Thomas’s appointment as CVC. This indeed is a big blow to the Man Mohan Singh government which is already reeling under the embarrassments of major scams – 2G and CWC in particular. The main opposition party BJP has many reasons to rejoice. BJP’s representative Sushma Swaraj had recorded her dissent as a member of the panel which had cleared Thomas’s appointment. Other two members of the panel the PM and P Chidambaram have a lot to explain now.

UPA-2 government appears to be crumbling down under major embarrassments recently. Man Mohan Singh’s clean image has taken a major hit. The public now sees him more of a Mukhauta (mask) of the Congress Party to hide all its wrongdoings. Clearly the Sonia coterie has been much more active during UPA-2 and it appears that they were not fully aware of the strength of India’s democratic institutions such as the CAG and the Judiciary – particularly the Supreme Court.

Behind the high walls of 10, Janpath Sonia Gandhi seems to be relying entirely on her coterie of incompetents and sycophants for major decision making. It is worth mentioning here that in November 2010, the AICC not only endorsed Sonia Gandhi as the President of Congress Party for the fourth time but also empowered her to nominate members of the Congress Working Committee (CWC) in place of holding elections.

Congress needs to make a major decision by next General Elections which is whether or not to project Rahul Gandhi as their next Prime Ministerial candidate. Going by the present state of affairs, this certainly doesn’t appear to be a conducive situation for launching the Prince.

On the other hand BJP couldn’t have hoped for a better run up to the General Elections in 2013. However, BJP has a lot of soul searching and internal housekeeping to do to put its house in order for facing the next elections. Presently the party appears to be overcrowded with aspirants for the PM post. The part needs to very clearly project one leader if it wants to get the best milage out of the failures of UPA-2. Hiding behind the usual excuse of MPs electing the leader would not work in General Elections.

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  • Dinesh  On March 3, 2011 at 8:47 am

    FOXES under the mask of Honesty and Integrity is exposed. Spokes persons, who pops up on TV Channels as Mushroom Tops with their sugar coated lies to fool country are blacked face today. Corrupts has struck the base of country like TERMITES and gulped the growth of 1000’s of families for generations, must be pesticide with heavy hand of Laws. Long Live Indian Judiciary – Death to Corrupts.

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