Who Killed Aarushi

After the CBI Court decided to try the Talwar couple rejecting CBI’s Closure Report, the mysterious double murder case is back again in the national headlines. What is most shocking is that the entire media focus is on Aarushi’s murder while no one seems to be concerned about the murder of Hemraj.

Everyone today has a view and a theory. There is always a little Sherlock Holms in all of us waiting to come out on occasions like this. I am no exception and therefore I too have a theory which I believe provides a new angle that I haven’t seen in any of the news stories. I believe my theory not only explains to a large extent most of the circumstantial evidence but also answers the most difficult question daunting everyone which is – Can a father murder his own daughter so brutally and worse can a mother support such barbaric father.

From the day one, the investigative agencies have worked on the assumption that both Aarushi and Hemraj were killed by the same person. My take is different – I think Aarushi was killed by Hemraj. Porbably Hemraj first hit Aarushi with the Golf Stick, she fell unconscious, Hemraaj raped her and then killed her. Rajesh Talwar caught him before he could run away. In a fit of rage, Rajesh Talwar killed Hemraj. After killing Hemraj, Rajesh Talwar panicked and called his brother. A few more persons who could help (including a retired senior police officer) and were trustworthy were also called. Rajesh would have sought an expert opinion on what would happen if he admits to Hemraj’s murder and he would have been told that although the court may be a bit lenient in the given circumstances but he would still get a long enough jail term. Rajesh didn’t want to surrender firstly to avoid leakage of the news about Aarushi’s rape and secondly he didn’t want to serve a jail term. The group gathered at his house would have been extremely sympathetic towards him and would have helped him to any extent. So a cover up plan was hatched. Aarushi’s body was cleaned up, her clothes and the bed sheet was changed to remove all evidenced of the rape. Hemraj’s body was taken to the terrace, hidden under a cover and the terrace door was locked. The experts advising Rajesh Talwar would have told him that the body clean up was not sufficient and they would need to doctor the postmortem report as well. This required at least a day and so things were managed in a way so that Hemraj’s body would not be found before Aarushi’s postmortem was done and the body was cremated. Someone fixed the doctor handling the postmortem to complete the cover-up. Once that was done, the cover-up group organized the body to be discovered. The retired police officer helping the Talwar literally found the body for the Noida police.

The Talwars appear to be confident that they would come out clean from this case precisely because they know that Rajesh has not killed Aarushi and therefore no one can prove this in the court. Since CBI’s story assumes that the same person has killed both Aarushi and Hemraj, if the Talwars can prove that they have not killed Aarushi they will prove the story wrong and thus would come out clean from this case.

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  • binu  On May 3, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    quite sensible way of thinking.
    worth a look by the investigating agency.

  • rajaram  On May 16, 2012 at 11:09 am

    it simply seems to me that aarushi had regular sexual relations either her boy friend or hemraj, and the night of aarushi’s birthday, she was having sexual relations Instance 1. (Having sexual relation with Hemraj). Her mother would have found her having sex with hemraj while she had come to switch off the router at night time around 11.57-12.and in a fury she might have hit aarushi on her forehead while hemraj was watching standing there out of fear being caught red hand. she called her husband rajesh talwar, and after hot conversations one of them had killed first aarushi with their sharp surgical equipment, and in fury killed the other one also to keep the murder without evidence.
    instance 2. aarushi might be having sexual relations with any one of her boyfriend that night and her mother have found her , in fury she attacked aarushi, and killed her with surgical equipment and the boy happened to escape from there, domestic help would have seen the murder due to the noise originated in the house and as all evidences are erased , he is also murdered, but it is sure that t is nupur talwar who killed both aarushi and hemraj, and being a doctor erased all evidences of sexual relations, witnesses etc. there is one more in the scene.

  • himanshu  On May 17, 2012 at 7:29 am

    bull shit idea….rajesh could have easily said ..hemraj got killed while rajesh was trying to save his daughter….

  • himanshu  On May 17, 2012 at 7:33 am

    it has to be a neighbour…we have heard evrybody named guilty…parents…servants…but what about neighbours. mayb hemraj went to terrace for smoke…sbd was there . he killed hemraj and went inside home and killed aarushi . this has to be handiwork of a boy aged 18-25. neighbourhood holds key.

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