Stampede in Jodhpur

150 people killed in Jodhpur stampede

There seems to be no end to the ordeal of innocent people. 150 died in the Jodhpur temple stampede. TOI Report says that in 2008 more people have been killed in stampede (360) than in terrorist blasts (156). 2008 was not unusual – in the last nine years 875 people have lost their lives in stampedes while 766 were killed by terror bombs.

While the terrorist blasts make bigger news headlines, the end result is the same. What is the government doing about it? Everyone will ask the same old question. The government will institute an inquiry commission as usual. What else can the government do? Can the government manage thousands of temples, mosques, fates, public shows etc. which attract hundreds and thousands of people?

This news makes you really sad. What was the fault of these innocent people? They would have gone to the temple to pray for a better life for themselves and look what they got.

The larger question is – do we really need to throng temples in the false hope of getting a better life? If everything happens with God’s will then what is the point trying to go and appeal against his will? Someone is not getting a job, someone doesn’t have a child, someone’s kin is ill, someone is not getting married, and someone wants to pass in an examination…. the wish-list is endless. What can the God do about it? He has already decided what will happen. Is it right to go and protest against what he has decided for you? People do not go to temples, mosques, churches to pray- they go to protest against God’s will. They want him to change his mind. Will he change his mind? If he does, would that not create a chaos in his scheme of things?

If God has decided that Ramlal will die today and will be reincarnated as Shyamlal. The mother of yet-to-be-born Shyamlal is already pregnant expecting to deliver the child on the same day and Ramlal is seriously ill and is going to breathe his last anytime. What happens if Ramlal’s wife goes to the temple and appeals to the God to change his decision? If God listens to her prayers, Ramlal won’t die. But what happens to Shyamlal? How will he be born? Will God have to kill another person untimely to allow Shyamlal to be born?

If people have to pray, why do they need to crowd the so called places of worship? Is God a doctor who will only see patients in his clinic? Why can’t people pray in their house? Won’t God listen to their prayers? Is he not omnipresent?

Having said that, if it is God’s will that 150 people should die in his own temple, who can change it? Noone can stop hundreds and thousands of people to crowd the temple and take part in the stampede to kill those people. What can the government do? It can’t change God’s will. Can it?

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  • Nimmy  On October 3, 2008 at 2:42 pm

    Indeed very sad..The same used to happen during Hajj too,though there is lot of facilities there,when compared to our temples here..Maybe limiting the number of people per visit may help in better crowd management..

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