Movie Review – A Wednesday

“A Wednesday” is a short and gripping movie. Nasiruddin Shah and Anupam Kher both are masters of their craft and the movie owes a lot to them for its success.

The plot is good but not brilliant. However, talented actors like Nasir and Kher can do wonders with a not so brilliant plot also.

The movie has been well received and appreciated by both the public and the critics which I guess is mainly due to the timing of its release. Obviously, the producer couldn’t have planned it this way. However, the release of the movie immediately after the recent Delhi blast and killing of Police Inspector M C Sharma was a huge advantage as the public was emotionally charged.

The director deserves a pat on his back for his no nonsense approach. He sticks to the plot and doesn’t waste time on item numbers, sub-plots etc.

The main theme of the plot is Nasir’s high tech idea of not allowing his phone call to be traced almost till the end of the movie but the movie fails to provide an explanation how an ordinary man like Nasir can come up with such a high tech idea?

Another amusing depiction was the War Room in the Mumbai Police Head Office. It is difficult to imagine what 50 people are doing in the War Room sitting in front of their computers. The way people sitting in the War Room were trying to trace the call was also very unimaginative. The director has tried to give a techno look to the movie but hasn’t done enough subject research to achieve a convincing depiction.

Another funny scene was when someone in the war room is trying to give a presentation on 4 terrorists out of which at least two were personally nabbed by Anupam Kher himself.

The last monologue by Nasir was well written and really thought provoking.

The real purpose of a review is to tell the reader if the movie is worth seeing or worth missing. I would say that although the movie could have been much better but even then it is not worth missing.

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  • Nimmy  On September 29, 2008 at 8:08 am

    Good review..A must watch movie,withh no lagging in between..Worth watch in a single stretch of breath 🙂

    Yeah true,bit unconvincable at times..still,all actors,even that cranky lady reporter ,and especially Anupam Kher were excellent in portraying their roles..Must watch movie..

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