Delhi Blasts

5 Blasts rocked the capital on 13th Sept. (Saturday)

5 Blasts rocked the capital on 13th Sept. (Saturday)

Another Indian city was rocked by blasts yesterday. It is a terrible tragedy but unfortunately the regularity of these blasts has started to make us immune to the scale of the tragedy. It is indeed a sad story of our inability to deal with the problem firmly.

The tone of statements issued by the Home Minister Shivraj Patil and Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dixit further strengthens the impression that we are a soft state.

The results achieved by Gujarat Police after the Ahmedabad blasts are indeed commendable. SIMI’s real face has been exposed and those politicians who were indulging in vote bank politics and supporting SIMI should hang their heads in shame. Even after the arrests made by the Gujarat Police, Lalu Prasad Yadav blamed them for unnecessarily targeting the minorities. Mulayam’s and Paswasn’s sympathy and support for SIMI is already well known.

One really wonders, whether the police are given a free hand in dealing with cases like this? Ideally, the results achieved by the Gujarat Police should have received nation wide acclaims but the only statements we saw were accusations of targeting the minorities.

The email sent by SIMI in the name of Indian Mujahidin minutes before the Delhi blasts is an example of our soft paddling of the issue. The senders of the email knew perfectly well that the email would be traced but they seem to be confident that the police won’t be able to trace the emails to them. They have also announced through the email that Mumbai would be the next target. The ability of the terrorists to strike at will is indeed frightening and the security agencies need to get their act together very quickly.

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