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Big B is back in India. He is a worried man today. I just finished reading his blog on Raj – Jaya controversy. He says he didn’t sleep that night. He has also indirectly admitted that Jaya had made a mistake by instigating Raj Thackeray. Obviously he can’t directly blame her in public. At the same time, he appears to be visibly shaken by the turn of events. His nervousness has forced him to do what he hates doing. To prove his contribution to the state and its natives, he has published a long list of his benevolence towards the so called Marathi Manoos. He has also apologized on behalf of Jaya with lots of ifs and buts. I would like to quote his exact words from his blog:

“The casual off the cuff remarks made by her at the music launch function were without malice or deliberate intent, but if it has caused hurt to the sentiments of Maharashtra, Maharashtrians and indeed the city and citizens of Mumbai, then she must seek regret and offer apology. Everything that we possess today is what came to us from this great state and city. We never have and never can look at Maharashtra with disrespect. If inadvertently this is what has been construed, then we apologize and are sorry and seek forgiveness for any sentiments that have been hurt.”

I can fully understand Big B’s state of mind. As I mentioned in my previous post – what Jaya did was an unnecessary provocation which has now sabotaged the most ambitious releases of not only his film but also Abhishek’s most talked about film Drona. Big B is on a big fire-fighting mission today. The controversy has already taken its toll on the premier of Big B’s own release in Mumbai.

As much as Raj Thackeray needs to be condemned for his vandalism, Jaya can not absolve herself from triggering this unnecessary controversy. I am not sure if the apologies tendered by Jaya and Big B would be able to save the two important film releases of Bachchans. I am saying this because Raj Thackeray has tasted blood now and he may like to go for the kill. This time even Bala Sahab is not ready to come to Bachchans’ rescue. The only consolation he has provided is to drag SRK into this controversy. It is difficult to say how much that will help the cause of Bachchans’. Not much, I guess.

Strangely, no one is blaming Priyanka Chopra whose wicked chuckle played a key role in making Jaya’s remark sound even more contemptuous. Probably it serves no useful purpose to target her.

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  • Nimmy  On September 21, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    politicians know how to make the best out of these tiny things..Glad that its all over now..

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