Kudos to Indian Judiciary

The recent judgement in the BMW Hit and Run Case is another step in the right direction.

This judgement, along with similar others in the recent past, will go a long way in re-establishing our faith in the judiciary. Not too long ago, there was a time when most people believed that the rich and the powerful could get away with anything. The recent judgements against some of the most influential people will certainly negate that impression to a big extent.

R.K. Anand

R.K. Anand

The BMW Case judgement is special because just before the judgement the court implicated the renowned defence lawyer R.K. Ananad for criminal contempt of court. The court found Anand guilty of interferin

g with the judicial proceeding by trying to influence a key witness. What is even more shocking is the court also implicated the Public Prosecutor I U Khan for conniving with Anand. This judgement is an even bigger victory of justice because it exposed the nexus between the rich & the powerful with the key players of the judicial system.

While many would argue that the punishment melted out to Anand and Khan was not adequate but it is no mean achievement that such senior advocate along with the public prosecutor has been exposed and punished in such a high profile case.

You can read the full story on http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/story.aspx?id=NEWEN20080062479

I would like to quote the following concluding remarks from NDTV from the above news story :

“…. the ultimate goal was to prove how often and how easily justice is subverted in India. The verdict will hopefully help fight what has been a part of our system for so long.

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