Strange Dream

I had a very strange dream a couple of days back. It goes like this –

I wake-up in the middle of the night (in my dream) and come to the drawing room on my way to the kitchen to have a glass of water. I am absolutely shocked to find a small boy of 10-12 years age in my drawing room. The moment he sees me he tries to run away. I gather myself from the state of shock and run after him and manage to catch him. I ask him to explain his presence in my house at middle of the night. He doesn’t answer my question and tries to wriggle out of my grip. I raise my voice and repeat my question. At this moment, 5 to 6 adults (both men and women) come out of nowhere and shout back at me saying how I dare to scold the poor child. As if the shock of spotting a little kid in my house was not enough, now I have these people to deal with. I am so shocked (even scared) that my throat gets chocked and even if I want to say something, I am unable to say anything. With great difficulty the group understands what I am asking. Then they explain that they are all one family and they have no house of their own. They have found this novel way of living in my drawing room during the night and this has been going on for past more than one year. Before morning they leave the house after removing all signs of their presence.

I am not sure what the interpretation of this dream is, but the very idea of a big family living in the drawing room of my house during night for such a long time still makes me shudder.

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