NSG Waiver for India-US Nuclear Deal

In recent years, relations between the United ...

The Indian and US Governments have patted each other’s back for getting the crucial NSG waiver. What surprises me is that how they managed to convince 45 countries in the NSG in such a short time while they haven’t been able to convince everyone in their own countries. A few countries did make a futile attempt for namesake resistance but nobody had any doubt that they all will fall in line before the deadline. Imagine countries like New Zealand, Ireland, and Austria raising objections. I didn’t list China because their objection is understandable. The swiftness with which the NSG Waiver was passed (without any substantial change) indicates the state of affairs of world politics. The issue is not which side is right. The issue is that in normal case it is impossible to get 45 countries agree on anything in such a short time.

Another equally important issue is that if the 45 NSG countries were so meek to succumb to US pressure so swiftly, can we believe the Indian Government when it says that they have extracted a real good deal out of the US following years of negotiations. Is India claiming to be stronger than the 45 NSG countries?

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